This is an extra special post because my best friend got ENGAGED! Taylor has been one of my best friends since 7th grade, so we went through the real awkward middle school phase (I would share some pictures but I'll spare your eyes haha). Then flash forward and she went to college out in Colorado where she met Ryan!

Our friend group always gave Taylor a hard time because she loses her keys or forgets her license and I remember the first time we met him, before we left the bar he ran through a little checklist for Taylor to make sure she didn't forget something! At that moment we knew he was perfect for her haha.

So not only are they perfect for each other, Ryan planned the perfect surprise proposal. He got all our friends on it and we told Taylor I had gotten a new camera lens and I needed to test it out. She was sooo excited to go take pictures but of course we all knew what was going to happen. The forecast was not looking good so we had about 8 back up plans for every scenario to make sure it happened! Lucky the weather was beautiful and we had no problems getting Tay to the park for the pictures.

We all made sure she was facing the right direction and started taking pictures and she had NO idea Ryan was walking up behind her. It was seriously so amazing to see her huge smile when she saw him.

I could not think of a better couple and I am so so happy for them! They make each other so happy and are a great representation of true love! To the future Hurleys!

All the high school best friends!! So blessed we got to share this special moment with her!!

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