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You may be wondering what a SENIOR REP is?

The Madison Nicole rep team is a group of local high schoolers that represent the face of Madison Nicole Portraits for the duration of their senior year. Rep's are chosen through an application process and receive countless perks including participation in photoshoots, digital images to share on social media, group activities, discounted session & more!


The Madison Nicole rep team is an exciting and highly-anticipated opportunity for many local seniors. Reps are chosen based off their involvement in their community, outgoing personalities, dedication to the Madison Nicole brand and excitement about their senior year!


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To submit the application you need to email MADIDOMBROWSKI@GMAIL.COM with the subject line: "2021 Rep Application" and attach the file to that email. This is the only way to guarantee your application is received.

Frequently asked questions

When does the application open?

Janurary 4th! Mark your calendars!

What are my responsibilities as a rep?

Your number one responsibility as a rep is to refer friends and family to Madison Nicole Portirats for their senior portraits. This includes sharing on social media frequnetly, as well as excitedly partcipiating in rep-related shoots.

What do I recieve for being a rep?

If chosen as 2021 rep, you will receive countless perks including but not limited to: seasonal group photoshoots, your customized senior session experience, the opportunity to earn cash back for your senior session and more!

Do my parents need to be involved?

Yes! I ask that you please make your parents aware of the rep program and let them know you are applying. Be sure to discuss details with them including pricing. I will reach out to your parents about the rep team if you are chosen as part of the team to ensure they are on board and aware of your responsibilties. Let them know about your application so they aren't surprised by my email!

Do I receive digital images to share on social media?

YES, always! You will receive fully edited, high resolution images from all our shoots together to share on social media as well as print if you'd like!

How long am I apart of the team?

Your term as a spokesmodel begins when you are accepted to the team and ends at the end your 2021 school year.

Are there any fees associated with being a rep?

There are no hidden fees or events that require payment as part of the rep program! However, you are required to book your senior portraits session with Madison Nicole and pay the full cost of that senior session upon signing the rep contract. Payment plans are avaliable.There will be opportunties to earn part of this fee back through your refferals! So by becoming you 2021 Rep you are able to recieve a discounted senior session + extra opportunities!

How many people will be accepted on to the Rep team?

While I do not cap the amount of seniors allowed on the team, I am looking for seniors who are truly excited about this experience and are looking to make the most of it. With that being said, every who applies may not be accepted. But if you are not apart of the rep team you are always welcome to book your senior session with Madison Nicole!

How does the referal and cash back process work?

At the start of your time on the team, you will be required to pay for your senior session. You have the opportunity to earn $25 back per referal you get and this can be applied up to 5 people. The max amount of referals you can get cash back for is 5. It is your job to make sure when you refer someone to tell them to use your name when they book a session! Your referal must notify me themselves and before their scheduled session for the referal to count. I will keep track of your referals and in December and April you will receive the cash back that you earned!

Is the 2021 program set up like your 2020 program was?

There have been changes made for 2021 seniors to ensure there is mutal sucess and opportunities!

Is there a place I can get detailed information about the rep team?

Yes! When the application opens you will be able to download a guide from this page that walks through details of the rep team so you can make the right decisions for yourself before you apply.

What if I am accepted and decide the team is not for me?

I highly reccomend reading the guide before applying for this reason! You have until the signed contract is due to back out of the team. I totally understand, it is not for everyone but because of my time and dedication to making this experience as great as it can be, there will be penalities if you back out after signing the contract.

Is it possible to be taken off the team during the year?

I am looking for individuals who are excited to represent Madison Nicole Portraits and share it within their communities! If I feel that someone is not performing to these standards they will be removed from the team.